The Truth About Teeth explores the American culture of Teeth, addressing all of our most
primal fears and dental insecurities. Why do we think so much about teeth? Why do teeth take up
so much of our time, our thoughts, our energy, and our pocket book? What do teeth mean?

   Cast in order of appearance:   

   Kirk Kitchen as Ulious P. Haddock: Door to Door Wall paper Salesman. He has a toothache.   

   Isabel Jones as Fair Ludmilla of The Shiny Teeth: The fair object of Ulious Haddock's infection.   

   Robert Hughes as The Clerk: Object of supreme evil in the universe and supermarket checkout line guy.   

   Anthony Corbeill as Dr. Impervious Perriwinkle: Theoretical astro-dentist. Listerine addict.   

   Michael Flynn as the Kroger Plus Shopper's Card: A supermarket savings card.   

   Naia Venturi and Jess Rowland as the Credit Card Militia.   

   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~   

   Written by Jess Rowland   

   Produced and directed by Naia Venturi   

   Special thanks to Mary Barkley, D.D.S. and Mark Tablor for set and prop contributions, and to Tony for teaching us the correct way to spin on and off of the stage.   

   This play is dedicated to the memory of Tuna Fish Johnson.   

Copyright (c)2002 by Jess Roland - All rights reserved

The evil check-out clerk:
"What makes you think you are ready for The Card?".

Doctor Impervious Perriwinkle lites up a Cheeto.

The time-traveling shopper saver card gives advice to Ulious.

Doctor Impervious Perriwinkle helps Ulious P. Haddok.

"...I must rid you of your pain, as any good dentist would do
...and save the universe."

The closing song.