Dreamland Theater
November 2005
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The Dreamland Theater presents:
An original full length play written and directed by Richard Ritter.

Dead When She's Awake

"Dead When She's Awake" explores the violent passions of a young woman whose search for her mother leads her to Cass Corridor and self-discovery.

The cast includes Thomas J. Barton, Kate Ritter, and Naia Venturi.

November 4 through November 19, Fridays and Saturdays at 8 PM

Tickets are $16, Students and Seniors, $8
For reservations call 734-657-2337

Improv with the Vegans

One hour of improv comedy with two great teams from Metro Detroit

Come out to the Dreamland Theater and get buzzed with the Vegans. Vegan Meat Locker will perform their brand of Improv Comedy based on audience suggestions so expect nothing less than hilarity. You really won't want it to end. Opener is TBA.

Wednesday November 2
Wednesday November 9
Wednesday November 30

All shows start at 8pm ~ be sure to get there early!
5 dollars at the door!


Splat is a two man improv comedy team featuring Topher Owen, current mainstage member of the Detroit Second City, and Owen Wittekindt, a graduate of the Second City training center and local performer. That's right, two improvisors with Owen somewhere in their name. What are the odds? They also happen to be funny, so come on down to Splattown and check them out!

Tuesday November 1
Tuesday November 8

8:00 PM

Dreamland Manifestival


An interactive variety show featuring a puppet show based on audience input, live music and quiz show games. The audience gets to help create a puppet show by volunteering words that will fill in a puppet script, "mad-lib" style. Music and games fill out the evening, which culminates in a performance of the audience's script by the Dreamland puppet troupe. This month's Manifestival includes a special bonus puppet show by Patrick Elkins!

Saturday November 26

Thursday November 3rd
Dreamland Local Music Showcase:

Sexy, sexy, sexy…
John Hawthorne - acoustic guitar
Mary Buchanan - fiddle

Layered electronics and found sounds create a tapestry with which to weave the humble, raw acoustic guitar layers of james marks.

Morphing, psychedelic compositions for guitar, sampler and devices to the accompaniment of animated video projection.

8-10 PM

Thursday November 10th
Dreamland Local Music Showcase:

CD release party!

Heady and conceptual composer Misha Grey celebrates the release of his new CD, Mockingbird, with free cake.

Also performing:
ACTUAL BIRDS, a wall of campfire sing-along sound. He will likely be joined by his professional backing band, THE HIGH SPIRITS.

and: Singer songwriter Brandon Kierdorf as SAFETY KIT.

8-10 PM

Thursday November 17th
Dreamland Local Music Showcase:

Dramatic psychedelic rock band explores the dark regions of thought and sound.

8-10 PM

Mike Tamburo (miketamburo.com, myspace.com/miketamburo)
Uncle Dave Lewis (jadedscorpion.com/dave.html)
JAV "serious" music ensemble with Julia Holter (myspace.com/juliaholter) and SSC.

Biography: Mike Tamburo was born in 1977 in New Kensington, PA. When he was 15 months old he was diagnosed with Otitis Media. His ears had filled with fluid and he was unable to hear correctly for several months. Ear specialists and surgery introduced Mike to the world of test tones and perceptual challenges. A musician from a very young age, Tamburo is an accomplished guitarist, performing primarily on the acoustic guitar informed by his love for visual art and extensive studies of 20th century composition. In the late 90s Mike founded the band Arco Flute Foundation with Pete Spynda, Matt McDowell, Rob Dingman, and Jeff Komara. In 1996 he also formed Meisha with Ken Camden and Pete Spynda. Both bands recorded and released a number of records and toured extensively before eventually breaking up, leaving Mike to pursue his now thriving solo career. Currently Mike tours the world obsessively in support of his impressive debut Beating of the Rewound Son, released in 2005 on the Music Fellowship label to much critical acclaim. He now performs alone and is always recording, painting, making films and videos, listening to music, studying Enthobotany, thinking or watching television. "Beating of the Rewound Son is a beautiful album that is just as comfortable exploring sun-drenched houses in the country as it is empty warehouses sitting along a polluted river, and it is the discoveries you can find here that which makes the album so rewarding." —Brainwashed "In a musical climate that seems hungry for acoustic guitarists who aren't afraid to veer from the beaten path (see continued reverence of Fahey, the emergence of Basho-Junghans into the American consciousness, and the exaltation with which Sir Richard Bishop's last disc was received), Mike Tamburo, in Beating of the Rewound Son, has made an intelligent and impressive debut." — Fake Jazz

Uncle Dave Lewis has a long and illustrious (if not notorious) history in music. A composer since the age of nine, Lewis has had a knack over the years of creating music that no one else would have thought of, at that time or now. A multi-instrumentalist, his talent for composition, lyrics, and unusual delivery are well-known from the midwest to the west coast. The litany of groups with which Lewis has been associated is very long and diverse. Early projects included Dementia Precox, QI-ZZ, Dymphna, and BPA. In 1980, he co-founded the group 11,000 Switches with David Paul, a group which has seen many incarnations and still exists to this day. Lewis has also played with such notables as The Talented Rejects, Manwich, Fastbats, and Human Zoo. He was a tremendous influence in the creation of the album Led To The Slaughter, which will soon be available through this site. Also notable to that work was Dan Williams, who has been a member of the 11,000 Switches for some fifteen years. Lewis currently lives in Michigan with his wife and daughter. Still composing and performing, he can also be found on radio whenever the mood strikes. Uncle Dave also runs a "blog" of his daily ramblings at http://uncledavelewis.blogspot.com.

Monday November 28
7:00 PM
$3-10 sliding scale.
Wednesday, November 16th


Open mic night for off-the-wall performance artists, monologists, short videos and films, self-styled comics, musicians and other avant-bards.


For information call:(734) 834-1782

8:00 PM