photographs by Leslie Raymond

a composition for laptop, junk percussion, voices, video and puppets

8pm: Saturday 23 November & Saturday 30 November

@ Dreamland Theater, Yspilanti, Michigan
44 East Cross Street in Depot Town
$5 at the door

--> Witness the debut of "Nine Questions," an experimental
composition for a group combining acoustic and electronic
instruments, video projection and shadow puppets.
Interesting, strange music, ranging from hush
ambience to raucous vocal chorus to
mesmerizing rhythms to epic noise,
accompanied and interwoven with
an immersion of live-mixed
video and fantastic shadow
puppetry. You may leave
an hour later with more
questions than answers,
however thoroughly
relaxed and

performt ::: Kirche Kitchen ... FutureWorkerGirl ... ... Jason Jay Stevens ... Naia Venturi

compost ::: Jason Jay Stevens